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Bethesda Court Duplex

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This duplex is the last home to be completed in the Dunbar Oaks neighborhood revitalization. The site of the former YWCA now houses 11 families, including 35 children. Homeowners Irene and Brigette are both single mothers, and are looking forward to a stable home for their families. Construction will be completed this spring.


Wilson Street


This 1918 house was in need of a facelift - inside and out! The house had the original electrical wiring and the floor plan was not convienent for the family of five who will be living there. Habitat moved the stairway and added a bathroom the the second floor.


Ryan Street

Ryan beforeRyan under construction

Habitat removed a blighted property and is building two new homes to transform this quiet street into a lovely little neighborhood. 

Looking Ahead - Whiterock Avenue


In 2017, Habitat Waukesha will break ground on multiple sites on the "gateway" to downtown Waukesha. Vacent lots and some existing houses will soon become new homes that will be a welcome sight to the new homeowners and visitors to Waukesha alike.