Heroes Among Us

Our volunteers are ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things.  Click on the links below and read about few of our exceptional volunteers.


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Volunteer - Earl Baumann - Construction / Crew Leader

Earl Baumann

Construction/Crew Leader

Earl Baumann began volunteering with Habitat in 2006. He worked with Megal Development for over 40 years as a real estate broker and manager of their construction department, while working part-time in a residential design business. These three components of real estate, construction, and design made Earl a perfect fit for Habitat, and he was looking to help us out. "Waukesha Habitat is a growing organization, and I felt my knowledge could be of help," he said. Earl, of course, ended up being a natural on the build site, and quickly ascended into a leadership role, guiding and training fellow regulars, business groups and community volunteers. He went above and beyond his role as volunteer, acting as volunteer construction manager until we hired one as full-time staff.


Earl's favorite parts of volunteering? The families, and the other volunteers. "Meeting the families that occupy these homes is most rewarding to me," said Earl. "I enjoy seeing the children who benefit from having a home to return to and feel safe. And the volunteers who build the homes- their hearts and attitudes are in the right place."


Earl volunteers three days a week almost every week, and his thousands of volunteer hours over the year has helped Habitat Waukesha County move from a house-a-year organization to one that will build six homes this year and will soon assist dozens of other families with home repair.


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Volunteer - Donald Pike - Construction / Crew Leader

Don accepts the United Way of Waukesha County’s Volunteer of the Year Award. Pike received a $500 check which he chose to donate to Habitat for HumanityDonald Pike

Construction/Crew Leader

Most Habitat for Humanity affiliates have a paid, full-time construction manager. For many years, Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County did not. Instead, we relied on a group of 10-15 volunteer leaders (the "crew leaders," or as we affectionately call them, "the saints") to run our build site. Not only is Don Pike a member of the saints, but is a leader among those leaders.


Don began his volunteer work with Habitat in 2001. "My family and I have been blessed through the years," Don said. "So just before I retired I was looking for some way I could give back to others." Don had worked on several home construction projects while doing charity work with his church. He heard that Habitat was in need of volunteers, and decided it was the right fit for him. Don has since put in several thousand hours of volunteer work building 14 homes with Habitat, including almost 800 hours of service last year. This, on top of babysitting his young grandchildren several times a week.


Habitat builds three days a week for eight hours a day, and it is a very rare sight to not see Don on site for every minute of it. He arrives early to help plan the day out, and spends his off-time helping to make the actual plans for how the home will be built. When on site, he is meticulous in making sure the house is built correctly. Put simply, Habitat couldn't build as much as we do without him. Not only does he use his construction knowledge to physically build the house, but he uses his charm and kind attitude to help new volunteers integrate onto the build site and teach them how to build. From college students to a group of bank employees to individuals who have retired and want something to do, Don guides the hundreds of community volunteers who work on our site each year. This adds up to thousands of hours of additional volunteer work that is made possible by Don's contributions, and he is often listed as one of the best parts of volunteers' build experiences, keeping them coming back for more.


One of the most satisfying parts of the job for Don is being able to work side by side with Habitat homeowners and volunteers, getting to know them personally. "My favorite part of volunteer work is meeting so many great people, those we help and those who are volunteering," Don said. "At Habitat it is being able to do something I enjoy while helping a family in need get a home, plus getting to know them and working with such a great bunch of volunteers. What more could I ask for?"


Don has had a great impact on the Waukesha community and is the epitome of the mission guiding Habitat affiliates around the world: building homes, building hope, building community.


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2017 Volunteer of the Year - Jim Lawler

2017 Habitat Waukesha Volunteer of the Year:

Jim Lawler

Jim has graciously dedicated countless volunteer hours, talent, and knowledge to Habitat Waukesha. Jim's work ethic, positive attitude and leadership skills are a huge beneft on Habitat build sites.