Memorial DonationsIn memory of a loved one...

While no words can ease the loss felt by the death of a loved one, a gift in their memory can be a comfort to the deceased's family. Memoral gifts are a wonderful way to honor someone's memory and keep their spirit alive.


Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the following people, and we are forever grateful to those who made a donation to Habitat Waukesha in their memory: 


In memory of Tim Mathews, gifts have been received from:

Al & Norma Mae Exner
Susan & Joseph Flood
Mary Garrity
Charles & Linda Gevaert
Joann Gruennert
Mark & Cheryl Hammel
Harris, Trepanier & Goff couples
Michael & Mary Ignatowski
David Lauer
Jennifer Lemke
Susan Mathews
Patricia Mireles
Audrey Murray
James Roth
Deborah Schumacher
Jonathan & Wendy Strauch Nelson
Sandy Solberg
Adam Wilcox
Sue Wilcox
Rita Wrighton
Beth-May Wroblewski


In memory of Randy Giles, gifts have been received from Ronald & Rita Giles


In memory of Rhody Megal, a gift was received from Earl Baumann


In memory of Lois Koehler, a gift was received from Earl Baumann