I want to give my children a home




Art is a single father of 3 children. After he and his wife divorced, Art moved into a 2 bedroom apartment that is just over 800 square feet. Now, three years later, he is ready to provide his children with something more permanent.


"I want to give my children a home," he says.


Art didn't have the money he needed for a down payment. Working on the house where he will live is "kind of surreal because I've never entered into a venture where your sweat equity is the down payment," he says.


Art is no stranger to hard work and has enjoyed getting his hands dirty putting in his sweat equity. He has especially enjoyed learning how to install cabinets and counter tops. "I love doing the hands on, when you do stuff like [painting], it's almost therapeutic," he says.


He also likes showing his children what can happen when you work hard, saying "this is also a learning [experience] for them...that if you work hard, that you keep your credit in line, that things can happen, that you can own a home."


Art's kids are looking forward to the move. On weekends, they often ask their dad to drive 20 minutes to go to Frame Park, rather than go to the park that is near his apartment. The kids are excited that Frame Park will now be within walking distance from their home.


Art has many things he is looking forward to himself, including not dealing with other tenants going in and out of the building, ceilings and walls that aren't so thin he can hear his neighbors at all times of the day and night, and not waiting for a washing machine in the shared laundry room. He also appreciates the equity he will build up by owning his own home.


Ultimately, though, it all comes back to his children.


"The best thing about being a homeowner," Art says, "is giving a stable place to your children to grow up."


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