Where It All Started

Noel has lived in Waukesha her entire life, and she was intent on staying for good. She had been raised in the Waukesha community and wanted the same for her two daughters. But it was getting harder and harder for her to keep that hope. Renting, and having an affordable place to live, was getting more strenuous. She tried to become a homeowner, but despite maintaining a good credit score, she couldn't get approved for a loan.


"I was tired of renting and knew that I needed to find a better solution," said Noel. That's when her dad, Merlyn, informed her of Habitat for Humanity. Merlyn is a mason whose business often works with Habitat Waukesha. He had become familiar with the homeownership program, and knew his daughter could benefit. So, with the encouragement from her dad, she applied. Noel was approved for the program in early 2018 and quickly began working on her 'sweat equity.'


All Habitat homeowners complete 'sweat equity' hours before receiving the keys to their new home. In addition to helping build her own home side-by-side with volunteers, Noel found another way to help too. She is a childcare provider by trade, and would often babysit for other future homeowners while they worked on building their homes.

After a year in the Habitat program helping build her house, and taking homeownership classes, Noel is ready for and excited by the responsibilities of being a homeowner. "I'm looking forward to being able to do the yard and paint the rooms whenever I want without having to ask," said Noel. "I think you take more pride in something you personally own."


Noel's new home on Whiterock Avenue is the continuation of the redevelopment project started in 2017. Over 3,000 hours were donated by roughly 250 volunteers in order to complete this home for the family.

Thanks to Noel's hard work, and the dedication of volunteers, donors, and other supporters, Noel can now stay a lifelong resident of the Waukesha community, and pass that pride in her community on to her children. "It's amazing how many people come together to change lives!"


Want to help more families like Noel? Consider donating to Habitat for Humanity today!