Building a Foundation for the Future


Danielle has always wanted a strong foundation for her family, living in a two-bedroom apartment wasn't what she dreamed of as a single mother of four. The cramped apartment didn't meet the needs of a family her size and Danielle knew that something needed to change.

When Danielle learned about the opportunity Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County could provide for her family, she knew that she had to try. "A place to call our own and a home to make memories in is something we've always dreamed about."


Danielle works as a forklift driver for a local marketing agency and has been a great partner with Habitat Waukesha. Her oldest daughter is working as a choreographer for a rec center in Milwaukee while the rest of her children are still in school. Danielle and her family are most excited about the security that comes with owning their own home.



Sweat Equity hours provide Habitat Homeowners with ways to get to know their neighbors, the volunteers, and the supporters of Habitat. Danielle has enjoyed her experience with 'sweat equity' hours so far. "It's challenging but well worth it." Habitat Homeowners have a variety of ways to complete their 'sweat equity' hours, Danielle has been volunteering at the ReStore and working on the construction site to help build Habitat Homes


Over 200 volunteers spent more than 3,000 hours working on Danielle's new home. Danielle is so excited to start making memories with her children in their new home and is incredibly grateful for everyone who has contributed to their journey.

"My family will forever thank you for all of your time and support. You guys are amazing!"



Are you interested in becoming a Habitat Homeowner? 

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