Working Hard for a Better Future

Elliott Family

Elliott has always dreamed of having a home for his family to settle down and build a foundation for their future in, somewhere his four children could grow up and learn.


Elliott started researching the different options he had when it came to affordable housing for his family. Elliot has spent the last five years working with La Casa de Esperanza and their financial stability program. Through hard work, Elliot raised his credit score and is now debt free. Thanks to this connection, Elliot was able to apply for the Homeownership program.



"Having a home of our own means that we have accomplished another goal and our sacrifices are worth it."


Elliott has worked for Hebron House of Hospitality for over seven years and has seen firsthand how housing or the lack of it can affect people. He is very excited to provide this stable housing option for his children. "Having their own room is the big thing for them, they are looking forward to adding a touch of their personality to their rooms."

Elliott Ribbon


Elliott and his family have worked hundreds of hours of 'sweat equity' on their home and in the ReStore. They thoroughly enjoy learning about their house and the different aspect that come along with owning their own home. "Being able to say you had a part in building your own home from the ground up, how many people can really say that?"


Dozens of volunteers have spent over 1,000 hours helping to work on Elliott's home this past year. Elliott and his family are forever grateful for the opportunity

Habitat Waukesha's community of donors, volunteers, and other supporters have made possible.


"I just want to thank everyone at Habitat for all the hard work they do day in and day out. You guys are a true blessing. I am so grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity, I know my family and I will be happy with our new home. Thank you."


For more information on how to become a Habitat Homeowner visit the qualifications below!