Hide and Seek

Habitat will evaluate applicants’ household income and debt. Applicants must be comfortable with a monthly mortgage payment that would be set at 30% of their gross monthly income. Applicants must have enough income through stable employment or other forms of permanent income to afford a home and all basic living expenses.

2021 - 2022 Income Guidelines:

Income guidelines are based on family size. Gross annual income must be at or above the minimum and at or below the maximum.

Applicants’ credit history does not need to be perfect. Many applicants have some debt. It is important for applicants to know how much is owed and for the total amount of debt to be manageable.

  • All collection debt must have proof of active payment plans or be paid in full

  • Judgments for money must be satisfied (Visit CCAP - Wisconsin Circuit Court Access: wcca.wicourts.gov)

  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure must have been satisfied for at least 36 months

  • It is recommended that applicants obtain a free copy of their credit report to ensure all credit is reported accurately (Visit www.annualcreditreport.com for your credit report.)

Ability to Pay

  • Income includes all wages, unemployment (only if related to seasonal employment), social security, pension, and/or disability. Self-employment income is defined as the “Net Profit” [line 31, Schedule C (1040)].

  • Income can also include child support, kinship care, and other types of income which is received on a regular basis and is needed to cover monthly expenses.

  • All income sources are included when they are expected to last for 3 years or longer.