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Willingness to Partner

Our homebuyers put in hundreds of hours of “sweat equity,” which means they help build their own home and the homes of others in the Habitat for Humanity house building program, or volunteer at a Habitat ReStore. These prerequisite hours may also include classes in personal finances, home maintenance and other relevant topics to help ensure capability for the demands of owning a home.


Applicants must be willing to work in partnership with Habitat Waukesha with their positive and active involvement in the Homebuyer Sweat Equity Program.


Applicants must be willing to complete 200 hours of sweat equity by attending classes and workshops, working at the Habitat ReStore, participating in Habitat or ReStore events, and building on other homes as well as their own.


Applicants must also be willing to work with Habitat Waukesha's marketing team to document their stories, take photos, videos, and use this media for marketing purposes in print and digital form.

*Accommodations for health and employment issues will be made on a case by case basis

Additional Requirements:

  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure must be satisfied at least 36 months prior to the date of application

  • All household members must clear the national sex offender registry check

  • Applicants must live or work in Waukesha County for at least 1 year to applying

  • All applicants must be a permanent resident or US Citizen

  • Divorce proceedings must be finalized

  • Given Wisconsin is a marital property state, married couples must apply jointly or if separated, divorce must be finalized

  • All liens/judgments must be satisfied

  • Applicants must clear a criminal background check

  • All adult household members must sign a general release for a background check and debt verification


*Temporary jobs are generally not considered permanent. Contact staff with questions.


Questions? Contact Sara Jane: 262-309-6025 x101,

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